Watch Act 1 of S13 E13 👑 Henny, I Shrunk the Drag Queens! | RuPaul’s Drag Race

katma 1 Nis 2021
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If you get shrunk, you don’t have to stay shrunk!‼️ The Queens get ready to show off their acting chops! Don’t miss a new #DragRace​ Friday at 8/7c on VH1! 💅
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RuPaul's Drag Race
  • Megan Blas

    Megan Blas

    5 gün önce


  • John NYC

    John NYC

    7 gün önce

    Kandy is Dominique. Leave Kandy Alone!!!! Ha

  • James


    8 gün önce


  • Franco villafania

    Franco villafania

    8 gün önce

    Kandy 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Albert Nortje

    Albert Nortje

    11 gün önce

    So you won a challenge, so what?

  • downtown82


    11 gün önce

    Am I the only one who is over this show? Not because of the queens but the horrible writing (amature at best), the horrible coaching by not qualified 'coaches' and bad judging.

  • kjdnyhmghfvb


    11 gün önce

    Another Fierce 5 of Rupaul's Drag Race.

  • Miroslava Havlová

    Miroslava Havlová

    11 gün önce

    For Women .....this is fetish not more 👙👠🩲👗💋💄👅🧦

  • Vincent Paradise

    Vincent Paradise

    11 gün önce

    I want Shane Dawson to win so bad

  • Tacoma98


    12 gün önce

    This was painful. Worst challenge ever.

  • Thiago Pazuzu

    Thiago Pazuzu

    12 gün önce

    Symone Winner ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Nolsta X

    Nolsta X

    12 gün önce

    So when is this gonna be out on Apple TV ?? Imma riot vh1

  • Jenny Smith

    Jenny Smith

    12 gün önce

    I don’t get it Utica’s was so bad it was funny symone was straight up not funny

  • John Milovich

    John Milovich

    12 gün önce

    NOT feeling the love for Drag Race, Season 13 queens.

  • Sam Berman

    Sam Berman

    12 gün önce

    My god Kandy is so annoying. Sashay away!

  • jamie rummer

    jamie rummer

    12 gün önce


  • kclaude


    12 gün önce

    Olivia or Kandy needs to be next.

  • sammygirl6910


    12 gün önce

    Symone is amazing, Gottmik too, but Rosé is so talented and well rounded.

  • Aakash tiwari

    Aakash tiwari

    12 gün önce

    Rosé should win this year....there is no one more deserving than her🍷

  • Breah Saldana

    Breah Saldana

    12 gün önce

    How dare they!! Playing favoritism again Utika was the only true talent...

  • Oreonstar41


    12 gün önce

    So ready for Kandy to leave

  • SheLuxLit :3

    SheLuxLit :3

    12 gün önce

    Excuse me top 5 where was the puppet challange?

  • Kier Mateo

    Kier Mateo

    12 gün önce

    Rosé is my winner periodtt....... 👁️👅👁️

  • andre


    12 gün önce

    olivia needs to go, idk how shes still here but bye already

  • C R

    C R

    12 gün önce

    Kandi skirted on by again

  • ludicroxs _

    ludicroxs _

    12 gün önce

    Rupaul: “She’s real sweet and real stupid”
    Camera: *points to got mik*

  • Basundhara Paul

    Basundhara Paul

    12 gün önce

    Kade is so cute and quiet, I like his personality a lot!
    I wish the winner is
    ✨g o t t m i k✨

  • Anne Louise

    Anne Louise

    12 gün önce

    I love this season! The queens are genuinely so united we can feel the love ❤️

  • Elisa C

    Elisa C

    12 gün önce

    Who else is obsessed with Ru’s suit?

  • alexxs7evin


    12 gün önce

    2 words for Kandy's runway: Lisa Frank. Not Lisa Frank inspired or Lisa Frank wallpaper, but Lisa Frank DIY binder! Complete with fuzzy pink pencil toppers. 🌈🎀💖‼️

  • Kerry Ericksson

    Kerry Ericksson

    12 gün önce

    Kandy looked Mannish in that Garish Outfit and I was hoping Olivia would of stayed on.

  • Ero Gomez

    Ero Gomez

    12 gün önce

    I swear if Kandy gets to top 4 💀

    • random trash

      random trash

      12 gün önce

      lol sorry

  • aRcTiCADOptEd


    13 gün önce

    It bugs me that someone who doesn't have to tuck can compete.. makes no sense to me!

    • random trash

      random trash

      12 gün önce


  • Patricia D

    Patricia D

    13 gün önce

    Honestly I don’t know how Kandy has made it this far when she is a drama queen with no class and has no taste in fashion. She is what I call a complete MESS!!!! You would think she is in Season 1 instead of Season 13. She is not at the same level as the other girls! She is a one note delusional girl! She should have gone home! Love Simone, Rose, Gottmik. Very sad Olivia went home. She is a class act! I wish her all the Best!

  • kourou lim

    kourou lim

    13 gün önce

    Only Rose from the Porkchop is here

  • Cynthia London

    Cynthia London

    13 gün önce

    The exciting diva you eliminated tonight, Friday, April 2nd 2021 was so awesome, beautiful, talented, versatile, lovely, etc. You know who should have been eliminated, when you were not ready to let her go. I liked her too!. But, you sent home the wrong lady. So sad, and disappointed.

  • GabeHdn


    13 gün önce

    It's LA vs NY!!! It's the battle of the coasts!!!

  • Braulio Vargas Ocampo

    Braulio Vargas Ocampo

    13 gün önce

    Why is Kandy getting too much air time ? He is fucking annoying

    • Bunnies Games

      Bunnies Games

      12 gün önce

      Kandy IS reality tv. To be succesful in tv, you keep drama and fun

  • Treshur Addison

    Treshur Addison

    13 gün önce

    But Olivia was my favorite......

  • Fern Fernis Fernie

    Fern Fernis Fernie

    13 gün önce

    olivia is drop dead gorgeous obviously but're so boring. i'm hoping she leaves next.

  • agape


    13 gün önce

    Kandy knows herself too well! Dominique definitely suits her lol

  • Jersey Nguyêñ

    Jersey Nguyêñ

    13 gün önce

    Acting challenge? not the Final rap music challenge? Y'all really drag out this season.

  • denea smith

    denea smith

    13 gün önce

    I really liked aja on all stars 3 and as a person.

  • Klepto King

    Klepto King

    13 gün önce

    Your audition tapes should just be you quickly showing your face, a couple of angles, a quick makeup, and HAIR WHIPPING! I wanna see if that wig stay. Winner get a limited edition wig! The rewards already stated, and 42.0m of limited edition fabric.

  • Quadarrius Bennett

    Quadarrius Bennett

    13 gün önce

    #translivesmatter #tdov #transdayofvisibility gottmik will win

  • Elle Cullen

    Elle Cullen

    13 gün önce

    Also, she's never been in the bottom, where as Gottmik has gotten close to the bottom. Kandy and Olivia were in the bottom and they lip synced. And Symone lipsynced last week. Rosé has never lipsynced thus far, so she has a very good chance of winning.

  • r j

    r j

    13 gün önce

    Milk is always on point with her confessionals lmao.

  • Ashton Rigby

    Ashton Rigby

    13 gün önce

    i think they are gonna eliminate kandy katya and miz style since they thought the audience would love her. They are gonna give them a win after trying so hard and then eliminate them roght before the finale

  • officerbaked


    13 gün önce


  • [ S o l i t a ]

    [ S o l i t a ]

    13 gün önce

    I really like that suit RuPaul is wearing... Damn. 👌🏼💯

  • Donald Paglinawan

    Donald Paglinawan

    13 gün önce

    I like Rose' to win.

  • De’Mari Marsh

    De’Mari Marsh

    13 gün önce

    What episode is this now 125

  • Parzi Martinez

    Parzi Martinez

    13 gün önce

    The next to go is Olivia lux.

  • Rajasa Pramesywara

    Rajasa Pramesywara

    13 gün önce

    That Ru-Suit tho... need one.

  • Carlos Marroquin

    Carlos Marroquin

    13 gün önce

    Rosé is giving me very Jaida vibes. Looks like a winner ✨

  • s d

    s d

    13 gün önce

    I can't stand Olivia

  • thebodiescannotveto


    13 gün önce

    can we talk about how wholesome & supportive this cast has been? it’s been so refreshing.

  • Julian Velasquez

    Julian Velasquez

    13 gün önce

    I smell a two way tie for the crown

  • Oge Ofiaeli

    Oge Ofiaeli

    13 gün önce

    Kandy muse took Denali's spot In my opinion

  • jumpbugs


    13 gün önce

    ...and Nina should play Blac China 😅

  • Alex Palma

    Alex Palma

    13 gün önce


  • Sahlim Atal

    Sahlim Atal

    13 gün önce

    I think Olivia is going home tonight 🤔

  • ashton b

    ashton b

    13 gün önce

    my gosh. kandy talks EVERY TIME 😭

  • mariamotionwork


    13 gün önce

    Why I can’t believe this incredibly staged final 5 is the final 5!!!

  • Just Me

    Just Me

    13 gün önce

    The only member of the pork chop circle to compete

  • David Aliq

    David Aliq

    13 gün önce

    Symone or Olivia for the win!!!!!!!

  • Julianne Kolb

    Julianne Kolb

    13 gün önce


  • Jennell Lee Jr.

    Jennell Lee Jr.

    13 gün önce


  • Greg AP

    Greg AP

    13 gün önce

    S13 was not a good cast in my not so humble opinion and I'm not thrilled by the top 5, if I had to pick one for the win, it would be Gottmik

  • Danny Yeager

    Danny Yeager

    13 gün önce

    We all agree we want rose to win so symone can be on all stars right ?

  • Marcus Anthony Simpson

    Marcus Anthony Simpson

    13 gün önce

    Excuse me miss drag race when are we getting the much anticipated as6?

  • John Paul

    John Paul

    13 gün önce

    Ru Paul's suit tho. Love it!

  • r requena

    r requena

    13 gün önce

    Why tf Kandy always wants to be the leader. Anyone asf

  • Osvaldo Jijón

    Osvaldo Jijón

    13 gün önce

    After Denali and Utica this season turns meh AF

  • emilio rubio

    emilio rubio

    13 gün önce

    Kandy is delusional thinking she has a chance to win. This is officially the worst season of Drag Race

  • househeadericmd Househead

    househeadericmd Househead

    13 gün önce

    Kandy is wearing Jinkx's perfume. Delusion.... Convince yourself.

  • Cepheus


    13 gün önce

    Gottmik or Symone better win or I'm not watching anymore. Co-winners please 🥺

  • Alice In wonderland

    Alice In wonderland

    13 gün önce

    This season is STILL going on? I stopped watching weeks ago cause I lost interest but damn....

  • Patric Stark

    Patric Stark

    13 gün önce

    5:55 famous last words from kandy muse lol

  • Mia Foley

    Mia Foley

    13 gün önce

    Win: rose
    High: symone kandy
    Low: gottmik
    Elim: Olivia

  • Madds McD

    Madds McD

    13 gün önce

    If the producers keep giving Kandy the Silky treatment I’m not watching the finale

  • Nathanael Sinterniklaas

    Nathanael Sinterniklaas

    13 gün önce

    Symone calling Utica her twin 💚💚💚💚 I hope they work together more. I know she did bc of the make up challenge but, I still find it sweet.

  • Roan_person


    13 gün önce

    Only og fans will remember ru’s mustache

  • Marcos Reynoso

    Marcos Reynoso

    13 gün önce

    Not a puppet roast show? What happened?

  • Selena Jordan

    Selena Jordan

    13 gün önce

    Kandie-I'm going to do what I do a fool, LoL 🤣

  • MonsterpieceCroix


    13 gün önce

    I think kandy needs to let this one go. She should let Symone do the role she chose, i have a feeling Kandy is going to leave this episode because of that.

  • KayBee


    13 gün önce

    No puppet challenge? 🥲

  • Jeff Graham

    Jeff Graham

    13 gün önce

    Regardless of who gets cast as what, I bet most of us can agree that still...

    Nina should've played Blac Chyna

  • Jamie Lancaster

    Jamie Lancaster

    13 gün önce

    You know the season is a failure..when you have have to show bits of the coming episode to attract viewers. Sorry but not sorry, season 13 is one huge disappointment...never thought I will be craving for a better season..
    Have to rewatch old episodes and finding Laganja more interesting than any of these lot. Hell has finally arrived!

  • deano Laurence

    deano Laurence

    13 gün önce

    I just don’t see why everyone loves Rosè , I didn’t really notice her untill 3 episodes ago


    13 gün önce

    Kandy won me over I must say. I don't think she's gonna win but she did a good job (obvious riggery aside)

  • Shannon Knowlton

    Shannon Knowlton

    13 gün önce

    Not for nothing but this top 5 seems like it was already chosen before they started filming!!
    Meaning I bet GOTMIK or ROSE will be next to go!! Bc they never had an all black top 3.
    Unless, GOTMIK was already chosen to WIN bc of her life story && it would be FIRST TIME EVER!?!?
    My opinion so NO NEED TO COME FOE ME!!!

  • eusebio orozco

    eusebio orozco

    13 gün önce

    Rose or symoneee for the Crownn 🍿🙌🏻🙌🏻🎈🎈🎈

  • Alex di Mauro

    Alex di Mauro

    13 gün önce

    FInally something Kandy said made sense. "The villain, crazy, delusional...!"

  • King of Reads

    King of Reads

    13 gün önce

    Symone looks nervous.

  • brajonomari


    13 gün önce

    Are we watching the show? Because Gottmik her roasting was not that good to me. Or did I miss something?

  • JF F

    JF F

    13 gün önce

    lmaooo i love kandy so much 😭

  • R P

    R P

    13 gün önce

    Time to send the token plus-sized girl home, FINALLY! A big girl has never won yet---and it ain't happening this season, either. BUH BYE, KANDY.

    • Aiden Lynch

      Aiden Lynch

      13 gün önce

      Thank you for that statement no one cared about! Btw she makes it top 4❤

  • Willow1992


    13 gün önce

    I feel from what they were saying and how the editors like to show “these are going to be the obvious bottom 2 this week” it’ll be Kandy or Mik and then Olivia.
    In the past the first person to have it or the longest confessional always end up going home. I’m kinda excited to see how episode 97 of this season goes

  • • Ruben •

    • Ruben •

    13 gün önce

    Y’all don’t remember when Kandy didn’t let anyone chose what role they want in the earlier acting challenge and just started highlighting her lines? Mawma if I was Symone I would’ve grabbed that highlighter and start highlighting “Dominique’s” lines real quick like oop ‘scuse me luv.