Monkey Bread Party II

katma 25 Mar 2021
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Monkey Zone bring you all about monkey videos.

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  • nisar uddin

    nisar uddin

    12 dakika önce

    Ye ek shorts ha aur yaha monkeys ki pawrii hori hai

  • Trimurthulu Sattineni

    Trimurthulu Sattineni

    Saatler önce


  • master killer

    master killer

    Saatler önce

    兩隻手揸一份 口咬一啖

  • jishnu raj

    jishnu raj

    Saatler önce

    Plastic waste 😑

  • L. Huslen

    L. Huslen

    2 saatler önce

    Ямар хөөрхөн юм бэ

  • AlexKozPlay


    2 saatler önce

    Прям как в магазине! 😂👍😉

  • Κωστας Καλανιδης

    Κωστας Καλανιδης

    3 saatler önce


  • Othman Baalache

    Othman Baalache

    4 saatler önce

    Now go and collect those plastic packets! Oh they’re biodegradable🤨

  • Ahmad07 Alshehri

    Ahmad07 Alshehri

    4 saatler önce


  • ghanavanth raju

    ghanavanth raju

    4 saatler önce

    Please remove the wrapper before giving food

  • Anass Accente

    Anass Accente

    5 saatler önce

    So why would you feed them food come in plastic bags? Where is that plastic gonna end?

  • Gamer Boy 888

    Gamer Boy 888

    5 saatler önce

    Indians be like

  • Laertes Araque

    Laertes Araque

    5 saatler önce

    God bless you all🙏💖🙏💖🙏💖🙏

  • Bakal Jenazah

    Bakal Jenazah

    6 saatler önce

    Good job. But better give them unwrarp bread, unless if they know where to throw to the dustbin.

  • Johnny In

    Johnny In

    7 saatler önce

    Lmao I love this thank you for being so good to them

  • BIN DU

    BIN DU

    8 saatler önce


  • Magayver Tatuapé

    Magayver Tatuapé

    8 saatler önce

    *In fact, Jesus Christ is the only one who will fill your empty space, amen.,,*

  • I3oomhauer


    8 saatler önce

    Love how all the adults grab 3 and kids 1. Hahaha

  • Cecilia Barron

    Cecilia Barron

    9 saatler önce

    Only one monkey was smart enough to look deep the box for bananas.

  • Trisye zakaria

    Trisye zakaria

    9 saatler önce

    Oh my good

  • Marisela Jaimes

    Marisela Jaimes

    11 saatler önce

    So what about the plastic bag ? That is contamination to the sanctuary where the monkeys are, that is my humble opinion.

  • Zero Zero

    Zero Zero

    12 saatler önce

    Is this the George Floyd looting video

  • Alin MCA

    Alin MCA

    12 saatler önce

    I like this🤣🤣♥️

  • Holger Scharfenberg

    Holger Scharfenberg

    12 saatler önce

    Banana are more tasty by this monkeys

  • Gil Carlos de Lima

    Gil Carlos de Lima

    13 saatler önce


  • Barry Bstrong

    Barry Bstrong

    13 saatler önce

    Take The Plastic OFF PLEASE

  • Rosangela Santos

    Rosangela Santos

    14 saatler önce


  • Duco Ducivec

    Duco Ducivec

    14 saatler önce

    Stupid. Verí stupid! Yes.

  • Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson

    15 saatler önce

    Very irresponsible giving animals plastic

  • Dark Viper

    Dark Viper

    15 saatler önce i the only one worried that they are eating the plastic eith the bread?

  • BeKey Tu

    BeKey Tu

    15 saatler önce

    Khỉ 😃😍😍

  • Luna Ro

    Luna Ro

    15 saatler önce

    Remove the plastic bag before giving them to monkeys to avoid more plastic pollution in the woods!🥴

  • alex siva

    alex siva

    15 saatler önce

    Very good job.
    Pls next time remove the polythene and give food to him.

  • Daniel Bergersen

    Daniel Bergersen

    15 saatler önce

    Everybody comes 🤣😂👍

  • Sea Moor See

    Sea Moor See

    15 saatler önce

    хватит кормить кавказ

  • Engineer Waqar Ahmed

    Engineer Waqar Ahmed

    16 saatler önce

    I though everyone would pick one pack. But they first place one in their mouth second one in first hand and third in second hand and run.
    Why are you running... 🐥

  • Lakhvinder kumar

    Lakhvinder kumar

    16 saatler önce

    Happy birth day to you

  • Elvira Delfin

    Elvira Delfin

    16 saatler önce

    Even in monkeys there are those who want more the greedy ones

  • Deeps KW

    Deeps KW

    16 saatler önce

    perfect way of scattering plastic waste everywhere.

  • Kidlat Bangis

    Kidlat Bangis

    16 saatler önce

    Community Pantry sa Pasig

  • Herliani Nina

    Herliani Nina

    17 saatler önce

    😁😁☝good nanas

  • Chai Jimmy

    Chai Jimmy

    17 saatler önce

    Humans make more plastic waste in nature again and again wtf

  • Prakash Rai

    Prakash Rai

    17 saatler önce

    Humans would have taken the whole 📦.

  • Aunur Roufik

    Aunur Roufik

    17 saatler önce


  • James Abulwalad

    James Abulwalad

    18 saatler önce

    بني إسرائيل

  • Leon clemens

    Leon clemens

    18 saatler önce

    Like BLM looting in USA

  • Ashish Pal

    Ashish Pal

    19 saatler önce

    They are following social distancing also🤔

  • Jigar Sangani

    Jigar Sangani

    19 saatler önce

    They should have removed the wrappera

  • Atheist Human

    Atheist Human

    20 saatler önce

    It shows greed has been passed on by our ancestors 😂😂😂😂

  • 山葉乗夫


    20 saatler önce


  • gregory rivera

    gregory rivera

    20 saatler önce


  • Regina Ferro

    Regina Ferro

    20 saatler önce

    Muito espertos kkkkkkkk

  • sheetal kumar

    sheetal kumar

    21 saatler önce

    Plastic ???? 😬

  • Ahsan Sagar5

    Ahsan Sagar5

    21 saatler önce


  • M Nilsson

    M Nilsson

    21 saatler önce

    Notice that mature adults took three of everything and the little ones took one of everthing.

  • Gangster Buffy Buttons

    Gangster Buffy Buttons

    21 saatler önce

    The adults take 3 and the younger ones only take one I wonder if there's something to that?

  • Anuja Rajguru

    Anuja Rajguru

    21 saatler önce




    21 saatler önce

    Moy moy moy..
    Gue gue gue guee
    Sabar napa sabar

  • Kharal Yaseen

    Kharal Yaseen

    22 saatler önce


  • samith udayanga

    samith udayanga

    23 saatler önce

    Give them without polly cover

  • TamVan Chennel

    TamVan Chennel

    23 saatler önce

    Ou Banana, Ou banana



    23 saatler önce

    Good act. But better to collect the wraps as well 🤣

  • Lui Kluender

    Lui Kluender

    23 saatler önce

    Everyone liking this video... That shit is wrapped in plastic. The monkeys won’t throw it away🤷🏼‍♂️

  • carcass cruncher

    carcass cruncher

    23 saatler önce

    The litter in the woods is your fault! Fuck you for that

  • rodrigo garnica

    rodrigo garnica

    23 saatler önce

    Great now they’re going to littter

  • Денис по

    Денис по

    23 saatler önce

    Депутаты и золото партии.

  • Abhishek Chouhan

    Abhishek Chouhan

    Gün önce

    Polothin kon uthayega ye

  • Esham Muhammed

    Esham Muhammed

    Gün önce

    Good.. Thought 👍
    Bt make it without plastic

  • Ravindra VS

    Ravindra VS

    Gün önce

    U did great but juat worrying about that plastics though

  • Aref Iskandar

    Aref Iskandar

    Gün önce

    ko nampak bapak ko amik pisang. ko pun capai pisang ye. yg makanan ko tadi ko tinggal jee yek nakk😂😂😂

  • Kedar More

    Kedar More

    Gün önce

    Avoid of plastic raper here!

  • Eva B.

    Eva B.

    Gün önce

    Awwwwww, they're SOOOOOO ADORABLE AND CUTE!

  • Richard Ames

    Richard Ames

    Gün önce

    Me takem home for lunch..😂

  • Gün önce

    Exactly what happens in every housing project in America!!!

  • Nik Zain

    Nik Zain

    Gün önce

    If that was human first one would take the whole box

  • Enaj A.

    Enaj A.

    Gün önce

    This banana has a bag....?

  • MeanKno


    Gün önce

    So what about the plastic? Just gonna have the plastic be littered everywhere?

  • RC Pete

    RC Pete

    Gün önce

    I wanted to see more 😀 did they open them??

  • Namthabad Shankar Shankar

    Namthabad Shankar Shankar

    Gün önce

    నేను కూడా ఎలాగైన ఒక సారి ఈవలి

  • imo onna

    imo onna

    Gün önce

    Community pantry monkey style😁😁😁

  • Hanns Ziegler

    Hanns Ziegler

    Gün önce

    Next time: remove the plastic before. They spray it all over die forest

  • Hamras KV

    Hamras KV

    Gün önce

    Should've removed the plastic before letting them take it

  • Priyanka Deb biswas

    Priyanka Deb biswas

    Gün önce

    Nice bread party

  • Ramar Kumar

    Ramar Kumar

    Gün önce

    குரங்குக்கூட வரிசையா நிற்கின்றது

  • mwas Ken

    mwas Ken

    Gün önce

    Amazing how the big ones take 3 of each, the first two big ones took 3 packs of bread then the other big one that found the bananas... Took 3. Crazy

  • Scott Anderson

    Scott Anderson

    Gün önce

    Tumko koi nhi rok sakta Insan bn ne se 😂

  • David Khiangte jr

    David Khiangte jr

    Gün önce

    The old guys are selfish and young are pure in heart ❤️

  • Bu Mamat Mats

    Bu Mamat Mats

    Gün önce

    Oh monyet hi serem deh

  • Dr Manash Phukon

    Dr Manash Phukon

    Gün önce

    So cute

  • waan barana kan dabretu hima

    waan barana kan dabretu hima

    Gün önce

    smol and big they have big difference. small take one.big take 3

  • Xeque-Mate


    Gün önce

    I certainly had a neurolink chip kk

  • Wilfredo Jimenez

    Wilfredo Jimenez

    Gün önce

    Buti pa unggoy marunong magtira para sa iba...

  • D


    Gün önce

    Firstly you should not be feeding wild animals. Secondly even if you have to at least get rid of the plastic wrapper. Don’t be a psycho to get a video

  • Briannah Impostor

    Briannah Impostor

    Gün önce

    Yo they Went Monster mode in the end of it XD

  • Travis Russell

    Travis Russell

    Gün önce

    Me in the pantry at midnight.

  • El. chavacano d zamboanginio

    El. chavacano d zamboanginio

    Gün önce


  • Deaf Fryman

    Deaf Fryman

    Gün önce

    Nice but if it done eat...who will clean up these trash?

  • Mke Dildwr

    Mke Dildwr

    Gün önce

    I’m sure these guys are pest where they come from but they kinda cute