Russell Westbrook Apologizes To Luka Doncic After Luka Almost Breaks His Leg By Hard Foul !

katma 3 Nis 2021
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GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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  • Hyper Acid

    Hyper Acid

    3 gün önce

    Westbrook is a good guy,a good guy always apologize

  • 須藤柊羽


    4 gün önce


  • JiveAt5


    4 gün önce

    Dirty piece of 💩 he knew exactly what he was doin

  • 3Sixty Barber

    3Sixty Barber

    6 gün önce

    Russ a stand up dude !

  • JULE Marl Tejero

    JULE Marl Tejero

    6 gün önce


  • Domen


    6 gün önce

    Take care Luka

  • Nico Habachi

    Nico Habachi

    7 gün önce

    Thank God that dude good

  • 17AN


    7 gün önce

    Why do I like russ now? Haha



    7 gün önce


  • Random Guy

    Random Guy

    7 gün önce

    Dude needs to seriously hit the gym in the offseason

  • Karma Loop

    Karma Loop

    8 gün önce

    bro yall still forget we slavs dont break bones that easily

  • Isiah Francisco

    Isiah Francisco

    8 gün önce

    That's strange, westbrook not usually doing that

  • Tom Dzeri

    Tom Dzeri

    8 gün önce

    I hope it didn't cause any damage.

  • Jack Vlogs69

    Jack Vlogs69

    8 gün önce

    I love Westbrook

  • Jared Crawford

    Jared Crawford

    8 gün önce

    Someone purposely undercut the best white dude in the league, is that what the video is about? Poor Westbrook got upset, and blatently tried to ruin this man's career. Are we being serious? Had it been Gordian Hayward doing that to even Jrue Holiday, it'd have been an issue. Stop playing into the bullshit. Play ball and stop being with the politics.

  • Jusuf Nurkić

    Jusuf Nurkić

    8 gün önce

    Kinda surprised he didn’t get a tech for that 😂😂

  • Strange Brew

    Strange Brew

    8 gün önce


  • de Cugnot Detailing

    de Cugnot Detailing

    9 gün önce

    Westbrook hate Serbian players.

  • Nosferatuh Al

    Nosferatuh Al

    9 gün önce

    GREAT MAN!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾ALWAYS!!!!!!

  • capMatt


    10 gün önce


  • Bryan C

    Bryan C

    10 gün önce

    This is what NBA back then....

  • A burguesia fede

    A burguesia fede

    10 gün önce

    Luka leva muitos quedas não consigo entender

  • Hakan Ozkan

    Hakan Ozkan

    10 gün önce

    Faır olay very goood

  • James Pipkins

    James Pipkins

    11 gün önce

    Russ is one of the dirtiest players in the league

    • bro du

      bro du

      10 gün önce

      and every teammates said that hes nice

  • jay dot

    jay dot

    11 gün önce

    That was a good contest tho.. Westbrook was quick enough to contest that drive



    11 gün önce

    Westbrook plays fair, he didn't want to injury Luka and Luka knows that.

  • Bodie Potter

    Bodie Potter

    11 gün önce

    That’s good sportsmanship

  • Vuk Bosanac

    Vuk Bosanac

    11 gün önce


  • sand roid

    sand roid

    11 gün önce


  • Hideki Lolkowicz

    Hideki Lolkowicz

    12 gün önce

    That looks worse than 90% of season ending injuries lol

  • francis daniel Maning

    francis daniel Maning

    12 gün önce

    when youre young you still get 7 lives. Keep safe Luka

  • Joseph Chavis

    Joseph Chavis

    12 gün önce

    I think it scared him more than hurt

  • Fints Poon

    Fints Poon

    12 gün önce

    I thought soccer was soft. But basketball is even worse. Everything is a bloody foul

  • Anthony Savage

    Anthony Savage

    12 gün önce

    Gawd damn. That’s a scary way to land



    12 gün önce

    almost breaks even missing too hard, let the game roll

  • Supa Smoove

    Supa Smoove

    12 gün önce

    lets keep an eye on this, thats obviously a sprain...

  • Disc_Golf_Wisco


    12 gün önce

    Westbrook mad he in Washington 😂

  • Demir Agović

    Demir Agović

    12 gün önce

    Derrick Rose trauma 🥺😐

  • Freeloving


    12 gün önce

    Westbrook has always been an asshole. Go for the ball or challenge the shot. Wesbrook should be fired and fined his entire NBA salary.

  • Joel Richards VLOG

    Joel Richards VLOG

    12 gün önce

    Flagrant foul

  • Shang Tsung

    Shang Tsung

    12 gün önce

    You guys know Luka’s rookie card is the most valuable NBA trading card ever. Second most valuable card (all sports) ever!
    1952 Mickey Mantle 5.2 million
    Luka Doncic. 4.6 million
    Mike Trout 3.9 million
    Honus Wagner. 3.3 million

  • Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim

    12 gün önce

    westbrook to me is still one of the most feared players to deal with. I wouldn't want to piss him off even after a foul like that.

  • Blessing Ekwuazi

    Blessing Ekwuazi

    12 gün önce


  • Guillaume Emiliano Loinard-Gonzalez

    Guillaume Emiliano Loinard-Gonzalez

    12 gün önce

    it was a game of milimiters at that point, same landing breaks your leg if you get unlucky, glad he's okay!

  • buggzo


    12 gün önce

    Looked like he pulled a hamstring midair or just had a hami-spasm which is better than a knee injury.

  • Sean Rawlinson

    Sean Rawlinson

    12 gün önce

    I'm glad he is okay.

  • Elijah Herndon

    Elijah Herndon

    12 gün önce

    That looked horrible

  • iFedero


    12 gün önce

    Westbrook is a selfish joke of a player. Will never ever come close to a championship

  • Ayush Garg

    Ayush Garg

    12 gün önce

    Thank god. Luka is an all time in making. We don’t want to no injuries

  • Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem

    13 gün önce resembled to Shaun Livingston's injury..

  • best Twitcher

    best Twitcher

    13 gün önce

    racist attack

  • Joy Arifianto

    Joy Arifianto

    13 gün önce

    did wesbrook get ejected on that one? for me that's flagrant 2

  • Bigo Hunter

    Bigo Hunter

    13 gün önce

    Yung pag lapit ni westbrook kay luka pumito agad yung referre akala nya mag aaway na

  • Fuck You

    Fuck You

    13 gün önce

    If he jumped really high, he could get really hurt. Thank God he's not that athletic

  • Miyamo Bobo

    Miyamo Bobo

    13 gün önce

    Anybody else surprised at how well Lamelo playing right now? Drop a like if you was a hater like me.

  • Dario Abrador

    Dario Abrador

    13 gün önce

    Class act by RW, good for him.

  • Random Clips

    Random Clips

    13 gün önce

    westbrook know who's cool and whos not, he apologizes luka thats luka is a cool dude

  • Reyes Dave Abrah

    Reyes Dave Abrah

    13 gün önce

    Similar to gordon hayward...

  • jb villan

    jb villan

    13 gün önce

    wizard westbrook is different 😱

  • Jay PPP

    Jay PPP

    13 gün önce

    Russ: Jordan fam', Luka, I seen a draft of your new shoes. Nice bro, you gonna hook me up?
    Luka: I mean, you know, sure.

  • 1800uly


    13 gün önce

    Respect for Westbrook

  • Cezar P. Garcia

    Cezar P. Garcia

    13 gün önce

    Dirty play by russel

  • Private Jets

    Private Jets

    13 gün önce

    DogeCoin anyone ???



    13 gün önce

    if he wasnt trying to be pretty and go in strong he wouldnt be able at 6'8 230 to get ya handle hit and took off balance dunk the bitch

  • Tibor Kovacevic

    Tibor Kovacevic

    13 gün önce

    Dončić is invented basketball, for Russel Westbrook..

  • DaDog90 Channel

    DaDog90 Channel

    13 gün önce

    Great sportsmanship from both guys.

  • Michael Smith

    Michael Smith

    13 gün önce

    Bill Laimbeer is wondering where the "hard foul" was.

  • TheLeadersTeacher


    13 gün önce

    That is how you get mavericks owner's attention.

  • kevin chen

    kevin chen

    13 gün önce

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  • Liam Regan

    Liam Regan

    13 gün önce

    Imma Celtics fan and this reminds me of... nvm bro 😐

  • Lak Gun

    Lak Gun

    13 gün önce

    this is why russel is a legend

  • Jovan Gonzalez

    Jovan Gonzalez

    13 gün önce

    He’s lucky that his he has strong bones bro he could of broke his whole leg

  • Nathan Dean

    Nathan Dean

    13 gün önce

    Doubt that would’ve broke his leg tore a quad much more likely

  • nuqr


    13 gün önce

    the crazy thing is it looks like when ja morant landed awkwardly on his leg. these both look very indentical

  • Justin Bell

    Justin Bell

    13 gün önce

    I hate seeing ppl land like that I saw it happen to John Brown for the bills scary stuff

  • Neo Dynmix

    Neo Dynmix

    13 gün önce

    Do you believe didn't do it on purpose ? :) Woke up guys he is Westbrook !

  • thatotherdude


    13 gün önce

    They almost lost the great white hope.

  • Danny Rovira

    Danny Rovira

    13 gün önce

    Dude could’ve torn his ACL too damn

  • Beaux


    13 gün önce

    Bruh the ref really tried to separate them while Russ was apologizing. Refs are trippin this szn

  • Hiawatha Clemons

    Hiawatha Clemons

    14 gün önce

    Never thought I’d see the day where Westbrook would apologize. That’s deep.

  • Blah Blah

    Blah Blah

    14 gün önce

    All arm

  • Fritz Zipar

    Fritz Zipar

    14 gün önce

    Westbrook should not do that kind of foul. I mean, if luka got cannot be undone by just apoligizing
    I think Westbrook a little bit Jelous about ref Ash and Luca. 😂

  • Andy Zheng

    Andy Zheng

    14 gün önce

    lucky boy

  • the devster_6 got hoops

    the devster_6 got hoops

    14 gün önce

    Luka is one of the most likeable guys

  • Bob Stone

    Bob Stone

    14 gün önce

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  • Brody Allen

    Brody Allen

    14 gün önce

    What the, he slapped his elbow

  • Willie DaGoated

    Willie DaGoated

    14 gün önce

    That knee tho

  • Stephanie Bryanna

    Stephanie Bryanna

    14 gün önce

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  • kevin caballero

    kevin caballero

    14 gün önce

    fck this is scary. he was really lucky

  • Bobby Lotito

    Bobby Lotito

    14 gün önce

    Look at what happened to hayward in 2017 anything can happen Westbrook good dude !

  • Alex Laskin

    Alex Laskin

    14 gün önce

    Thank god he’s okay

  • Brittany Atkinson

    Brittany Atkinson

    14 gün önce

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  • David Miller

    David Miller

    14 gün önce

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    14 gün önce

    It was a foul but the landing was on luka why would he choose to land that way

  • John Franco

    John Franco

    14 gün önce

    Ugh Klay Thompson flashbacks

  • Cesar


    14 gün önce

    Sheesh....he almost landed like Klay did in 2019. Dangerous foul

  • Kevin Louis

    Kevin Louis

    14 gün önce

    I just heard my knee pop

  • Nestor14vm


    14 gün önce

    I went to the game today and Luka had to sit several times cause of that knee, hope it nothing

  • wnerk o

    wnerk o

    14 gün önce

    he's young and has facilities at his disposal.but I fell like that and my knee was never the same.moments of complete.disjointed pain.for a second.felt like my knee came off for a second.would happen from time to time

  • K1980 Pray for the world

    K1980 Pray for the world

    14 gün önce

    That could have been very awful