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current mood: [Buddy the ELF meme running through the revolving door] LOVE a good Christmas holiday gift guide - I hope you found some fun ideas on here!!
(this is an affiliate linked page, thank you to all who make any purchases using these links and support my channel and family, it means a lot to me!)
Lolita's Soy Candles www.etsy.com/ca/shop/LolitasSoyCandles?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=521269570
Paws N Tots www.etsy.com/ca/shop/PawsNTots?ref=search_shop_redirect
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  • Comcal Ministries

    Comcal Ministries

    4 aylar önce

    You should do affiliated(I think is what its called?) Links.

    • Remington Cory

      Remington Cory

      Aylar önce

      @Koda Hezekiah Whoa! Took about 20 mins but it actually worked!!

    • Blue Farmhouse

      Blue Farmhouse

      3 aylar önce

      I agree! Please add links to everything.

    • Silent Musings on a Noisy Life

      Silent Musings on a Noisy Life

      3 aylar önce

      @Beauty_andthebulldogs glossier

    • Beauty_andthebulldogs


      4 aylar önce

      @RachhLoves what brand is the brow flick? I didn’t see it in your storefront. Thanks so much. Happy holidays.

    • Emily Claire

      Emily Claire

      4 aylar önce

      @RachhLoves but where is the lavender Nike sweatshirt?!! I didn’t see it in your store!!

  • Piyu Sarkar

    Piyu Sarkar

    Aylar önce

    I'm feeling weird seeing the fake pocket. So I can definitely imagine how you felt.

  • Sav


    2 aylar önce

    Tree hut makes a shower oil that is bomb af. (Jessica Braun recommend) and dove makes a good scrub as well

  • Alli Howe

    Alli Howe

    2 aylar önce

    My slm cup keeps the ice frozen overnight!

  • مكتشف النجوم محمد شعبان _ Mohammed Shaban

    مكتشف النجوم محمد شعبان _ Mohammed Shaban

    2 aylar önce

    Happy new year my friend 🤣 wow very good ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Manisha M

    Manisha M

    2 aylar önce

    That was a great video .... Dint like the color combo of the last outfit .. Otherwise a good one ... Do check out my small shop on etsy .. Love to get your support to it.

  • Hafee


    3 aylar önce

    Those tree hut scrubs have almond oil in them! I know you have tree nut allergies so be careful with them! ❤️

  • JackieWarner13


    3 aylar önce

    Me being someone who doesn't really do beauty care was confused about what the hell dry oil mist was 😂😂

  • Jessica Jacobs

    Jessica Jacobs

    3 aylar önce

    The exfoliating bar may be really good for your feet in the shower.

  • Donna mcdermott

    Donna mcdermott

    3 aylar önce

    Why did they make all the dots for stars so uniform they look more like a lazor grid than stars so disappointing I'm sure there are better ones out there

  • Kate McGee

    Kate McGee

    3 aylar önce

    My favorite pens are from Amazon. They’re from a brand called iBayam. They don’t bleed through and the colors are great. I’m left handed so I’m always looking for writing utensils that don’t smear. These don’t. They can be used for coloring or writing. They come in different size packs as well.

  • babytyty13


    3 aylar önce

    As a former retail worker, I didn’t care when people returned items lol I would never even ask why. But I also did not like my job so maybe that contributed to my not caring lol

  • Brandi Munguia

    Brandi Munguia

    3 aylar önce

    I love amazon specifically for their easy returns. I just gather up all the things I want to return, put them all in the same return order, stash them in a linen box and take them all to kohl’s. It takes less than 5 minutes to do the entire return and then I have the money back in my account within a week. I’ve also had some returns that don’t actually require you to return anything. They let you keep the item and refund your money immediately. Their exchange policy is great too. They send you the new item before you’ve even returned the original and then give you 30 days after the receipt of the new item to return the old one.

  • Emily R

    Emily R

    3 aylar önce

    Please check out @outtathegloss on instagram and reconsider supporting glossier ❤️

  • nicole sawyer

    nicole sawyer

    3 aylar önce

    How do you have 1.4 million subscribers but you don’t list the products you are talking about?

  • Sarah Mitchell

    Sarah Mitchell

    3 aylar önce

    Loved the Etsy haul!

  • Cole


    3 aylar önce

    I've had a simple modern water bottle for almost 4 years. When I put ice it definitely is still, there the next morning and my water is always super cold.

  • Emily Theimer

    Emily Theimer

    3 aylar önce

    Lol I bought the coffee version of the scrub way back in Oct and still have yet to try it... although I'm excited to now since hearing your review! 😂

  • Kaitlyn Wright

    Kaitlyn Wright

    3 aylar önce

    My mom uses the sugar scrub by Maui

  • Sofia Ibarra

    Sofia Ibarra

    3 aylar önce

    I’m subscribed to your other channel and let me tell you it’s so weird to watch you outside the kitchen

  • Jenga G

    Jenga G

    3 aylar önce

    Omg! The Moroccan rose scent 🤤 I normally hate the scent of rose but I absolutely love that scrub!

  • Karen Rinze

    Karen Rinze

    3 aylar önce

    When I lived in the US and worked at Target, working returns was my FAVOURITE compared to being at the cash. It was SO MUCH easier...and as long as you gave people their money back, or a gift card with the value of their returned items, they were happy. Whereas when working at the cash...if you scanned an item and it was the wrong price or somebody going over their budget and having to cancel a whole bunch of stuff, or people complaining why certain things weren't in stock at our store, etc...made working cash so much more energy-consuming and frustrating. Working returns was a DREAM!

  • Marki H

    Marki H

    3 aylar önce

    What is that @14:50 in the background that is gold, has pearls, and is blinged out👀?!!!!!!!!!! I need it😍!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nybsbfan18


    3 aylar önce

    The skills pants look weird on u, but I know it's the design.

  • Goose


    3 aylar önce

    This is awesome that it's so long. I love you mentioned that it has super long sleeves as well. I'm just shy of 6ft, and it's so difficult to find stuff like this...

  • Chantal Chantal

    Chantal Chantal

    3 aylar önce

    Are these mani me nails?!

  • Jennifer D

    Jennifer D

    3 aylar önce

    Of course the Skims cozy wear is on my wishlist, the no pockets has me questioning that now! But the brow pen and dry oil should now be on my list! SANTA are you reading this? 😂

  • annie belle

    annie belle

    3 aylar önce

    I'm so happy and thankful you put the trigger warning for people with epilepsy. It's very rare to see youtubers do this. Thank you 💜

  • Sara Turner Ottosen

    Sara Turner Ottosen

    3 aylar önce

    I didn’t even know she had this Chanel
    I only knew RachelLovesLife

  • Krista Off-Cannatella

    Krista Off-Cannatella

    3 aylar önce

    I know I'm a week late, but I guess this is why I couldn't find my already beloved and used Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub! 🤣😂 Tried to make my own, epic fail, then next shopping trip found some! Yayyy! 10/10 would recommend all year long! One of thee Best Scrubs Ever!

  • Amanda Alexandriaa

    Amanda Alexandriaa

    3 aylar önce

    Do you do tiktok videos ? I tried finding you theres 1 page that looks legit but not posted anything . Wondering if maybe you just watch tiktok

  • Katie Moison

    Katie Moison

    3 aylar önce

    You should do a Resin video!!!

  • Sarah Carson

    Sarah Carson

    3 aylar önce

    The Nike section has me in stitches. I bloody love you!

  • Alexandria V

    Alexandria V

    3 aylar önce

    I bought my son a Minecraft cup by Thermos and when I put ice in it at night, there’s still all the ice in the morning. So, Thermos is for sure the way to go.

  • Jenna Ramsey

    Jenna Ramsey

    4 aylar önce

    remember when Rachel used to use random emoji for the episode when rating products? I wish she brought them back.

  • Karen DeMars

    Karen DeMars

    4 aylar önce

    Love me some real world product demos ... you saved me a purchase on that night sky. Great video! 😊

  • *TailorandMakeup *

    *TailorandMakeup *

    4 aylar önce

    I love this. My fav etsy shops I have come across so far (Canadian that is) are Dawnsdecalsandmore she does really amazing decals, custom items, mugs, shirts, you name it really, and Ashcarden for gorgeous masks.

  • horrorghoul


    4 aylar önce

    I will never understand people that buy Nike. You are supporting a sweatshop. They are living on $1.50 a day.

  • Jessica Hall

    Jessica Hall

    4 aylar önce

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Mary Kate R.

    Mary Kate R.

    4 aylar önce

    Oooo, with the candles, put the lime in the coconut, and mix 'em both together... I've been cooped up alone wayyyy too long lol

  • Sharon Mackenzie

    Sharon Mackenzie

    4 aylar önce

    Pls don't be offended, but I only have so much time in the day. Would appreciate a little shorter time on each product. Happy holidays 🎄

  • Jamie Parks

    Jamie Parks

    4 aylar önce

    Savage X Fenty is a waste of money in my opinion. Most everything I’ve bought from them have been made of cheap/uncomfortable material and/or have gotten holes or rips with the first or second wearing.

  • AmyM& Beauty

    AmyM& Beauty

    4 aylar önce

    Girl, the first thing I did with those strip lights awhile ago was put them under the cabinets in my kitchen. Its amazing! And it has a sensor to pop on when you walk in!

  • rachel saefong

    rachel saefong

    4 aylar önce

    I almost bought skims for ppl as gifts this year but instead i went with barefoot dreams instead. Love the video, love your vibe and thanks for sharing!

  • foad farhani

    foad farhani

    4 aylar önce


  • Anna Alvarenga

    Anna Alvarenga

    4 aylar önce

    (21:47) lay it out on a bed of gold 😂

  • Alexandra Bright

    Alexandra Bright

    4 aylar önce

    😂😂😂 as someone who works guest services at target, I really don’t mind doing returns at all. It takes like 3 seconds and it’s no effort lol. Also I love that coconut lime tree hut thing I forgot about it.

  • lilla


    4 aylar önce

    If anybody wants a great body scrub just use coffee grains after making coffee. Has great benefits and makes your skin super soft!!!can't stress this enough!!!!, there's no additional waste and no plastic container also you'd just throw out the grains afterwards so reuse them instead!!!

  • Julie H

    Julie H

    4 aylar önce

    Our kids have the led lights along the top of one wall in their rooms. So much more subtle than a glaring nightlight. My husband and I have one on the bottom of the metal frame of our bed. It lights the floor with a very subtle blue so we can walk in our windowless room without stubbing our toes. The sensor for the lights is located where it plugs in, so yes it has to be directly pointed at it.

  • Teri And Jacob's World

    Teri And Jacob's World

    4 aylar önce

    I'm New here 🖐️ I have no clue how I found your channel but I'm glad I did 🎉 I'm 47 and I need help with makeup 🤣

  • Mimi NewBean

    Mimi NewBean

    4 aylar önce

    Hey Rachel ! I doubt you’ll see this but I love your vids and I would really appreciate if you could flash up on the screen how much a product costs when talking about it:) I love your channel and recommendations but It really is helpful to know how much something costs when listening to the review. Thanks !!

  • sarahpoitras85


    4 aylar önce

    Hey Rachel! You have gorgeous nails and I want to know if I can send you a Canadian product to test out and give your honest opinion.

  • Morgan Anderson

    Morgan Anderson

    4 aylar önce

    I love that Nike sweatshirt. I didn’t see the link in the description. Anyone know what style it is? :)

  • Amy Camburn

    Amy Camburn

    4 aylar önce

    you are so cute! I really enjoyed your video, thank you for sharing all the things! I really liked the Nike wear! not a fan of the skims ones...too much work!! haha.... so you have a new subscriber!! lol...thanks again and I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!!! ~Amy (Lewes, De)

  • Lauren O'Connell

    Lauren O'Connell

    4 aylar önce

    Been using the mango shea scrub since 2015 finally its getting the recognition it deserves😍 literally smells so good, the body butter and lotion changed their formula in 2017 and now it pills up sadly because I used both for a full on mango smell looking for a new lotion to pair with it now.

  • kelly kubiak

    kelly kubiak

    4 aylar önce

    Okay maybe this is a stupid question but are there pockets on the inside of those pink sweats? It looks like there are pockets and they are stitched shut? Sometimes you gotta rip the seam yourself on jackets etc 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Taylor Ford

    Taylor Ford

    4 aylar önce

    Which lipstick are you wearing thru this video? Beautiful 🤩 🤗

  • Ray22


    4 aylar önce

    The Tree Hut Vitamin C Sugar Scrub is amazing!

  • Sai Juttukonda

    Sai Juttukonda

    4 aylar önce

    You NEEEEEED to try the Moroccan Rose scented TreeHut Scrub, it has the most incredible smell I've EVER experienced!!!!

    • Deb. bae

      Deb. bae

      4 aylar önce

      that one and the vanilla one is my favorite!! 🤤

  • BZB


    4 aylar önce

    The fake pocket space is actually to accommodate hips... the “kardashian look”...

  • Deanna


    4 aylar önce

    I have a couple simple modern cups I got off Amazon and I have had ice stay in there for like 2 days lol. But I also fill them up all the way (and no I didn't drink it, I lost the cup haha)

  • Southern Glam

    Southern Glam

    4 aylar önce

    I would return those Skims, especially for the price and the no/vanity pocket situation, plus the high maintenance care. Hard pass. Thanks for sharing and testing these producta for us. Happy Holidays! 💖💖

  • Joyce C.

    Joyce C.

    4 aylar önce

    Your background is so nice!

  • EquiSisters


    4 aylar önce

    If you like wood wick candles, definitely checking out the Wicking Hour Candle Co (TheWickingHourCC) on etsy!! 🕯💛

  • pucashells1


    4 aylar önce

    what video is she referencing when talking about her phone?

  • Amy Rounceville

    Amy Rounceville

    4 aylar önce

    I feel like a hipster...I was using simple modern cups before it was "cool" 😎 I really like them...if you put a bunch of ice they do keep it cold for a long time. I have a half gallon jug from them and it is amazing

  • Elizabeth Santineau

    Elizabeth Santineau

    4 aylar önce

    I’ve been using the rose tree hut scrub for years! It feels so nice to shave legs with too :)

  • Nadine Mohan

    Nadine Mohan

    4 aylar önce

    Why is your store front on Amazon.com if you’re Canadian?!?!?!, that’s frustrating

  • Tiki Tiffany

    Tiki Tiffany

    4 aylar önce

    Wish I could buy every gift! Maybe next year!

  • Livliv Thomas

    Livliv Thomas

    4 aylar önce

    I needed this video, thanks hon!!!

  • Victoria Sanders

    Victoria Sanders

    4 aylar önce

    Why doesn't she ever list the products she talks about..

  • IfYouDontCare DontComment

    IfYouDontCare DontComment

    4 aylar önce

    Try the Lemon Blueberry Tree Hut scrub, my husband loves when I use that.

  • dano1667


    4 aylar önce

    Where did you get the candle setup you have in the background of your kitchen? And your rustic storage drawers in your filming area?

  • Beverly Tipton

    Beverly Tipton

    4 aylar önce

    I'm super interested in the fruit enfusion water bottle that's all over Amazon right now ❤ wish you could try that out... also the memory foam cooling pillows (they have shredded memory foam inside of them).

  • Helen Kim

    Helen Kim

    4 aylar önce

    Fashion wide knot headbands, wonderful christmas for you and your friends, only $4.99 for 3pcs, $1.66 each, please click below link and get it.

  • Joltaria


    4 aylar önce

    Am I the only one who tried to smell the products when she did...? Lol 😅

  • Jessica Albani

    Jessica Albani

    4 aylar önce

    What is on your nails?! So cute - must know!

  • Marcela Diaz

    Marcela Diaz

    4 aylar önce

    I always wonder what you end up doing with all the stuff you buy 😶... Like--- do you keep/use it all? Damn!

  • Lilly Laurel

    Lilly Laurel

    4 aylar önce

    Can use pens for shifting

  • Elizabeth Charles

    Elizabeth Charles

    4 aylar önce

    Thank you so much for the flash warning

  • Skye M C

    Skye M C

    4 aylar önce

    Loveee this vid!! Major helped! But them skims pants look super super funny on ya girl.. I wouldn’t buy em again, the tops look alright but the bottoms are so weird and not flattering at all on ya. They also don’t look very comfortable they way they fit.🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Roxie K

    Roxie K

    4 aylar önce

    You have to smell the Tahitian Vanilla Bean scrub by Tree Hut

  • Tracie 3

    Tracie 3

    4 aylar önce

    “I don’t know.. I don’t run!” Oh how I relate! I just wish I looked as great as you do without running! 😂

  • bonbxn


    4 aylar önce

    Tree Hut had a Brazilian Nut shea scrub and it smelled like coffee! It was my absolute favorite.

  • Kayla Ruhland

    Kayla Ruhland

    4 aylar önce

    What pants did you have on from Nike?

  • Amanda M

    Amanda M

    4 aylar önce

    Battery led strip lights are way easier!

  • IncompetentISU


    4 aylar önce

    i read this video title so many times and it still doesn't make grammatical sense to me LOL

  • Alexis Metz

    Alexis Metz

    4 aylar önce

    Check out this etsy shop....

  • Tami B

    Tami B

    4 aylar önce

    SHEA - doesn’t it “shi-aa”?!

  • Taylore Latham

    Taylore Latham

    4 aylar önce

    My friends started a soy candle company a few months ago and they are SUPER heavily scented with unique scents. Their website is withlovecandlecompany.com and I think you’d love them! They also donate a lot of their proceeds to charities 😌

  • Lauren Rumbles

    Lauren Rumbles

    4 aylar önce

    I’ve been using the simple modern tumblers for a few years, they’re great!

  • B Rhymes

    B Rhymes

    4 aylar önce

    Oh! I didn’t know those simple modern cups were a tiktok trend. I just bought 22 of them for all of my family members for Christmas lmao

  • Lauren Taylor

    Lauren Taylor

    4 aylar önce

    You should try/review stuff from Wolf & Pine Herbals! They’re a great small business in Ontario with some truly amazing products :) Plus their stuff makes for great holiday gifts!

  • Sky Store

    Sky Store

    4 aylar önce

    hello, i post my christmas products on Amazon, check out this great things for Xmas or a gift for somone close to you

  • Brooke Mckinley

    Brooke Mckinley

    4 aylar önce

    LED lights are the equivalent to black lights to us 90s kids!!

  • K J.

    K J.

    4 aylar önce

    I've used those sugar scrubs for years and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find any anywhere 😭 now I know it's TikToks fault.

    • Becca Teal

      Becca Teal

      3 aylar önce

      Same. I asked my boyfriend to get me some for Christmas and thought he was just looking in the wrong spots when he said he couldn't find them

    • Ali Rosenthal

      Ali Rosenthal

      3 aylar önce

      How do u use them?

    • Kat H

      Kat H

      3 aylar önce

      What's your favorite scent?

    • Amber Shipp

      Amber Shipp

      4 aylar önce

      Same. I have been using those scrubs for years. They are always sold out now.

  • Kaylie Snider

    Kaylie Snider

    4 aylar önce

    rachel do you realize that you’re supposed to peel the white paper on the back of the lights??? that’s what will have to glue to stick to the walls lol

    • Silent Musings on a Noisy Life

      Silent Musings on a Noisy Life

      3 aylar önce

      Yes, she said she was just taping to see what it looked like before she actually stuck it down

  • NiNi Na

    NiNi Na

    4 aylar önce

    I just love bullet journaling! The only journal I ever stuck with. Thanks for the tip!
    The powder pants didn't fit your proportions too well IMO, I am 5'11, I know how much it matters as a tall girl. A bit like you had two sets of hips. 🙈💔 Maybe it was the combo with the short jacket and the weird pocket trap. But it's comfy wear, so not a big deal, feeling good in it is what matters.

  • MysRya


    4 aylar önce

    Foxglovemacrame on Etsy does some really similar macrame too! I’ve gotten orders quickly from them and they make great gifts.

  • Leanne Howarth

    Leanne Howarth

    4 aylar önce

    If you have a dog and you have a crate, it's the perfect place to dry things that need to lie flat while drying, I lie my wool jumpers on it and my silk pillowcase, I usually put a towel across it then lie my delicate stuff on. My dog uses it for the hour a week nobody is home cause we never leave the house anymore, it's a really bulky expensive clothes rack, thanks Covid but the wire top of it really is perfect