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Siyer Tv
Siyer Tv

“The Prophet has a higher claim on the believers than [they have on] their own selves, [seeing that he is as a father to them] and his wives are their mothers” (Al-Azhab, 6)

The Siyer Foundation was founded in October 2010 with the intention of providing knowledge to know, understand and recognise our holy Prophet (pbuh), who was sent to this universe as a blessing, better, and to be able to live with him again no matter how long the time and space distance between us.

In order to contribute to a better understanding of the fruitful life of our Prophet (pbuh) and to take advantage of all the work done on this side from the first day, we aimed show that Asr-i Saadet (Golden Age) is not just a memoir left in history, but it is possible to produce that climate again in the life of the people in this age.

The effort and the work are from us, and the result is from our Lord Allah.

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